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The Resumator now and then.


March, 2014

The Resumator expands, opening a Silicon Valley office


December, 2013

Promise Phelon joins our team as Chief Revenue Officer

June, 2013

First Annual R'BQ

February, 2013

Andy Fraley joins The Resumator as Chief Technical Officer

December, 2013

The Resumator launches Salesforce Login and Chatter Integration

June, 2013

More than 2,000 customers love us


December, 2012

Our team swells to 30 people

August, 2012

Instagram joins The Resumator's growing list of customers

October, 2012

Salesforce is part of a $2.1 million investment

August, 2012

We launch 2-Way Calendar Sync

February, 2012

Killin' it and growing fast, The Resumator moves into a new office


December, 2011

The Resumator's team is 10 people strong

May, 2011

Custom workflows are born

March, 2011

Tumblr begins using The Resumator's hiring software

July, 2011

The team launches Free Job Board Syndication

May, 2011

The Resumator raises a second round of funding led by Rincon Ventures


December, 2010

Mashable joins our growing customer list

December, 2010

Don raises $100,000 from Innovation Works

December, 2010

Don hires the team's first full-time employee


May, 2009

Our graduation day...from Pittsburgh's Alphalab Startup Accelerator

January, 2009

Don Charlton founds The Resumator

January, 2009

Carthage College becomes The Resumator's first customer


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