Resumator with OneLogin Integration

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The Resumator is all about providing powerful tools in simple ways. That also means simple pricing that allows businesses of all sizes to grow. So let’s take simple as far as it can go, only this time, with Resumator pricing and log in capabilities.

OneLogin for The Resumator 

As more members of your organization use The Resumator, identity and access management becomes increasingly important.

  • How can you automatically provide new users with access to The Resumator with their existing network credentials?
  • Remove The Resumator accounts if an employee or consultant leaves your company?

Connect your existing directory infrastructure to The Resumator, which is now easier than ever thanks to our partnership with OneLogin. They do a nice job of describing the features in this graphic. Thanks guys!

The integration also includes:

  • Instant On – OneLogin’s zero-config Active Directory Connector can be installed in minutes with no server restarts or firewall changes
  • Reporting and Analytics – See valuable data about application security and usage

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