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Hire Better by Increasing Applicant Quality with Jobnosis™

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Admit, you can hire better. Developing job descriptions is a task that many employers dread. It’s easy to take short cuts and develop descriptions that are too general or chock full of jargon. The first step to attracting the right talent is having a description that follows best practices.

With Jobnosis, a new Resumator feature, it’s easy to gauge effectiveness. Jobnosis helps you identify problems BEFORE posting to job boards, saving you time and money.

Jobnosis automatically reviews open job descriptions in The Resumator and assigns a rating from 1 to 100.  Higher scores indicate a job posting is more likely to result in a higher quantity and quality of applicants.

Jobnosis Tips

Follow these best practices and your job will earn a high rating every time.

  • Write more than a paragraph. If you’re lazy when creating a job listing, no one is going to apply for your poorly advertised job.
  • Use bulleted lists. Bulleted lists are often a good sign that you’ve thought carefully about the job requirements.
  • Avoid slang and jargon. People tend to take job searches very seriously and use proper titles to find jobs.
  • Include the city and state. None of the free job boards we send jobs to will accept jobs that do not include a city and state.
  • Use a big city for the location. People tend to search metropolitan areas for work, so swap out your small town or suburb name for the biggest city nearby.
  • Avoid links in the job description. Links will get your job caught in spam filters, including ours. Only use one link in a job description.
  • Look at other job descriptions. The best way to learn to write good job descriptions is to find good examples to work from.

For more information on Jobnosis, visit The Resumator support center.

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