Job Marketing: Dog Shows and Engaging Careers Websites

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This may sound like an odd subject matter for job marketing, but have you ever seen those dog competitions on television? The dog owners fight for attention to win “Best In Show” by parading their furry bundles of joy around obstacles, over fences and through hoops. Do you know who doesn’t like jumping through hoops for attention?

A quality job applicant…

Throw a bone when job marketing

No passive job seeker will take the time to browse through your  careers website if you force them through clunky web pages of vague job posts. In the off chance they do stick with it, they’re forced into page after page of a standardized HR application.

Then after all that time and effort, you reward them with an automated email asking them not to reply.

Stop scaring off great talent with obstacles and create an engaging careers website actually worth visiting. Or, you could always try luring them with treats…

Clarity in your message

Make your careers website clean, clear and easy. Job searches should return valid responses and lack junk posts that don’t fit the query. That means crafting well-described job descriptions (link this with preceding job post) matching the job seeker’s skills and qualifications.

They’re already looking! Now just give them something worth looking at.

Use quality content

Make your careers website worth visiting for more than just jobs. Provide compelling content and visitors will do the rest.

  • Videos
  • Blogs
  • Pictures
  • Embarrassing finger paintings by employees

You can advertise your great company culture while subtly poking the visitor in the side, saying,  “hey you want to work here don’t you? Well here’s this job we need filled.”

Choose whatever format and style you like, just make it good. Don’t worry if you don’t have a position available either. You’re building relationships here so that when you do need to fill particular positions, you have interested talent seeking you.

Job marketing can be a 2-way road

Connect with people and people will stick around. Give visitors a voice that’s easily heard and just open your ears. You’ll probably hear a lot of ways you can improve, but you’ll also encourage interaction. You hear outside ideas, open dialogue with potential talent and even develop a forum for people to hang out.

People want to work where happy people work. Think of how easily you can show passive job seekers your happy people with a chat feature.

“What’s it like to work for these guys?”  - Passive job seeker (great applicant)

2 minutes pass

“AWESOME!” – Employee

Throw in a smiley face and you just seriously increased that person’s interest. All you did was provide a string between two plastic cups. Show some humanity in an increasingly computerized environment.

Social butterflies spread your message

So now that your careers website provides content and interaction, make it easy for people to share. We all hear how companies “adapt to social media” and “take advantage of social media.” Here’s the perfect application of that idea.

Link the jobs to your company’s social profiles with recruiting tools. Post the heavy job descriptions on your website and spread the word through your online presence and friends. The same goes for content. Make links easy to identify and follow. That doesn’t just mean putting little “share” icons around the web page either.

Websites aren’t a one trick pony any more. Build a career website to advertise your brand, entertain people and attract quality applicants in the process. You don’t need to lead people through hoops or fences to find the best talent anymore.

Consider doing some tricks yourself and you may just get those great candidates to bite.


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