Using Technology to Help Your Hiring Process

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Don Charlton, Founder and CEO here at The Resumator, and Doug Wolf, Chief Operating Officer at Select International, teamed up with HR.com to discuss the latest and greatest hiring technologies available and best practices for utilizing them to achieve ROI on your most important investment – your people.

Using technology to aid in your hiring process can be incredibly helpful, if done properly. Hiring software can help recruit passive candidates, create efficient workflows, and streamline talent acquisition. In their one hour webinar the two discussed a range of topics including:

  • Move applicants quickly and easily through the hiring work flow.
    Utilize social recruiting tools to widen your reach and encourage quality applicants to apply.
  • Identify the right candidates for your job openings through the use of technology enabled assessment solutions.
  • Streamline your entire talent acquisition process by integrating your assessments into your ATS.
  • Improve consistency and legal defensibility of your hiring process by implementing a scalable assessment process.

If you didn’t get an opportunity to attend this webinar you’re in luck.

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